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      The stranger had a pleasant, round face, with eyes that twinkled in spite of the creases around them that showed worry. No wonder he was worried, Sandy thought: having deserted the craft they had foiled in its attempt to get the gems, the man had returned from some short foray to discover his craft replaced by another.

      I came to America, made the hinged door to the hangar, rewired the switches to get light by day to prepare the amphibian.

      Do you think his confederate threw the real ones overboard, in the life preserver, with the ruined imitations tied to it?

      But that gave the seaplane an advantage.

      "You're right, I don't. You're as thick-headed as all the rest of them."



      235It threw no beam, only a sort of dull phosphorescence; but Dicks quick eyes ran instantly to its sourcesome small flashlamp covered with colored cloth, a handkerchief, perhaps.


      The officer-of-the-day put Lawton into the care of the guard and asked Cairness in to have a drink, calling him "my good man." Cairness was properly aware of the condescension involved in being asked into an officer's dining room, but he objected to being condescended to by a man who doubled his negatives, and he refused."He gives you what I can't give," she said.